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Hi all

I have grown tired of the disorganized mess that is my Parameters pane. Although there is an obvious structure, many products don't follow the structure and too many properties are incorrect or placed inconsistently. I have grown tired of opening Parameter Settings to fix one property at a time.

So I have written a script that allows sorting, filtering and batch editing of properties, including a simple double-click to locate the DSF file (thank you Masterstroke for the suggestion). Attached please find PropertyMaster version 0.2 which I hope is self explanatory. Please use it and report back here with any errors or enhancement requests.

Happy editing!


PropertyMaster 0.2.dse


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    1. How do I use PropertyMaster?

    Load a figure then run the PropertyMaster.DSE script and change any properties with right-click. Once you Apply your changes they will be applied to the current figure. All changes are written to the DAZ Studio log file so you can keep track of what changed.

    2. Will PropertyMaster remember my changes?

    Yes. If you save and re-open the scene your changes will remain on the same figure. However if you want your changes to be applied to all new figures, save the figure as a support asset the same process you go through anytime you want to apply properties by default to all newly loaded figures.

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    Nice Thank you

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    Is this similar to the Edit Mode in the Daz Studio Parameters tab? Edit Mode allows selecting multiple properties and changing many different things about them all at once. Edit Mode does not have a way (that I know of) to find the associated data file, though.

    Edit Mode is accessible from the context (hamburger) menu in the Parameters pane. Once in Edit Mode, multiple properties can be selected with Ctrl click or Shift click. Options are accessible via right click. 

    Parameters Edit Mode.jpg
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    Similar yes. Only really the Set Path function in Edit Mode is similar to changing the path in my script, but the Parameters pane only lets you search on label where my script allows you to search across all columns. So you can search for a specific author, or a path, or hidden properties a little easier with my script, for example. And to change the property name from the Parameters Pane you need to open the Parameter Settings.

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    Thanks for the additional explanation.

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    What a coincidence! Just now I needed to loacate the data file for a particular morph. PropertyMaster worked great. Thanks. The column sorting is really helpful, too. I haven't yet tried changing anything.

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    Wow, and just now I wanted to find all of the morphs I created or modified myself. Sorting on the author column was a slick trick.

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    YAY !!! yeslaugh

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    I put it in the scripts folder on the same level as the content folder

    where do I find it in Studio?

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    There are several ways to locate it:

    1) Use File/Merge to browse to where you placed the file but you'll have to do it this way every time.

    2) You can go to Content Library/DAZ Studio Format/XYZ (the content directory you placed it in) and double click from there.

    2) You can Scan Known Directories for Files to locate it in Content Library/Scan Results. From there you can place it in any category you wish or even create a DAZ Studio menu action if you want to add to a toolbar for frequent use.

    Hope that helps.


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