Strand based hair acting as a separate object and not moving with figure in animation

Hey lovely folks,

Having a bit of a time animating strand based hair here - I've created a coat of fur for an animal and have done a very basic animation where it rises up into the scene and moves its head.

In the preview window with the guide hairs switched on, it all works just fine - the guide hairs are attached to the body and when the head moves, they move with it.

When I render it out in Iray however, the hair appears as a separate shell and doesn't move at all - it's detached from the body and stays static so it's present at the start in the centre of the scene, when the figure is off screen, and it doesn't move with the head when the figure moves it's head. It literally sits there like a shell. 

I'm not exactly experienced in animation so any advice as to how to make the animal move with the strand based hair attached as it's coat would be massively appreciated. The hair is not parented to the figure, it's just added via the usual 'fit to' box that is automatically applied on creation. I know it's possible to do this as I've see a video out there on YouTube, but sadly it didn't have any information on how it was achieved. 

Many thanks! 


  • AutumnAutumn Posts: 80

    **Update** I deleted the existing strand based hair and started fresh - it's working just fine and parenting correctly now. Something clearly borked in the original one! 

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