Do the clothes for the Genesis 3 females work for the Genesis 8 females?

Out of curiosity, do the clothes for the Genesis 3 females work for the Genesis 8 females?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 71,628

    Via Autofit, yes

  • allanonallanon Posts: 51

    I know I should know the answer to this, but what is autifit and how does one invoke it?  (I feel like a total dumbledorf!).

  • LeanaLeana Posts: 8,624

    Autofit is a DS feature which will automatically attempt to convert conforming items made for figure A if you fit them to figure B.

    It's launched automatically when you fit the clothes if it detects that they were made for another figure and will ask you which figure it was made for and what type of item it is.

    It works in two steps: first it adjusts the shape of that item so it fits the target figure, then it rigs it automatically.

    First step uses "clones", which are a special type of morph which tell DS how to adjust the mesh from the various source figures to your target figure. Each figure of the Genesis line includes a few clones by default, and you can get more from various products or freebies.

    Second step uses "projection templates", which are basically default rigs corresponding to various types of items. Again, figures have a few default templates included, and more can be added.

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    Leana's post came in while I was typing so ...

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  • allanonallanon Posts: 51

    XLNT ! Thank you both for the info.

  • Gordon RunkleGordon Runkle Posts: 167

    I believe footwear is the exception, due to Genesis 8's different foot bones.

  • zombiewhackerzombiewhacker Posts: 399

    Footwear never seems to travel well across Genesis generations, high heels especially.

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