[Released] Gescon, CSG plugin for Daz Studio [commercial]



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    Bear in mind that the end result of using this plug in is an static object mesh, so even if you can use it on clothing, there is no way for a character to continue to wear it as all the rigging will be lost. In theory you could dforce it, but you need to tweak the parameters to reduce the final poly count, as sometimes it can be very high if you want good precision.

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    Oh yes. I didn't think of that. Make sure your pose is final as the clothing will get reeaaallly stiff once it's Gesconed.

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    Oh my I never thought of that, good to know - thanks for the tips!

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    Havos said:

    Here is my first real world usage of this plug-in. I needed an angle bracket for a DIY picture pack for our game I am working on. I could not find a suitable photo, or 3D model of one, so I knocked up a quick one using this plug-in. Only 5-10 mins work. I know you could do the same in a modeller easily, but it was nice to do all the work in Daz Studio.

    looking at this render makes me think that it would be very useful if we could get a bevel around the edges of a, for example, hole punch.

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    For what it is worth: I have found that applying multiple operations on a mesh will increase the processing times substantially, but when that same mesh is exported as an obj, then reimported as an obj, the plug-in processes a new/additional operation lightening fast.

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