Is it possible to combine models to a make another one?

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I need to create a pose of Pegataur for a 2D Rendering.

I'm wondering if it is possible to combine the Winged horse with a male character holding a bow and arrow in Poser so that I can render it of in different angles for a 2D rendering?

Any suggestions on what I need to do this would be appreciated


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    you can Frankenstein it by making parts invisible and parenting one to the other.
    ie the horse head invisible and man's hip and legs invisible, texture torso to match in a photo editor.
    also in Poser you can replace heads with objects but that will not enable you to move the arms etc.
    still handy to know for adding monster heads, cat heads etc, the expressions also can be added as morph targets
    ie export the millenium cat head as an obj and another with it's mouth open etc and load it on the first as a morph target.

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    You could use Hemi's Centaur as a beginning:

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