SDK Qt libraries incompatible with Daz Studio QT libraries?

We are currently porting one of our plugins to the newest SDK version with cmake build. We noticed some problems with the ported plugin that did not exist with the old one. The plug-in was not recognized as a valid plug-in by Daz Studio on some computers. It ran on other computers, but caused protection violations in previously problem-free program areas.

While searching for the reasons, we found that our Daz SDK is using a QT version 0x40807. Daz Studio 4.15 uses version 0x40801.

If we copy the QT dlls of the SDK to Daz Studio 4.15, Daz Studio no longer starts.

We assume, that some of our problems are caused beecause we  link agains the newer QT libs but use the older Daz Studio dlls.

Any suggestions?


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