Anyone try building plug-ins under Mountain Lion?

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The XCode used for compiling Carrara plug-ins is already twitchy under Lion. Has anyone tried it under Mountain Lion?


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    Well I didn't try Mountain Lion, but I did make a new effort to compile Carrara plug-ins under XCode 4 so I feel more comfortable about the risk of no access to XCode 3. This link got me mostly there

    but there were a couple other things I needed to do.

    1. Looks like GCC 4.2 got removed in between when that was written and 4.4. I had to do similar steps to the Restoring GCC 4.0 to restore GCC 4.2. You'll need to create the symlinks one at a time since there are other 4.2 named things in the XCode 3 folder. XCode 4's GCC 4.2 plug-in has to be replaced too.
    2. I had to replace the XCode 4 as and ld in /Applications/ with the XCode 3 versions to get PPC targets to build. I just backed them up and created symlinks. There's probably not a lot of folks out there still using PPC, and I don't even have a place to test them any more. However I have at least one vocal evangelistic customer still on PPC so I still try to keep that target in my build even though I won't officially support it. It may not be an issue for others.

    I was able to build everything C6-C8 and XCode 4 didn't crash like XCode 3 regularly does for me under Lion.


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    I am trying to compile PyCloid under Mountain Lion.
    Not easy as the C8 SDK is not designed for this release, and that is my first experience with OSX !
    If someone has success with Xcode 4, I will be happy to have some help.

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