Converting skins from V4 to G2

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I have V4 characters that I want to use the skins on G2 characters. I have the program that converts .dsa's and .dse's for G2 within DAZ but if there not in that format then they won't convert.

Basically, how do I get a v4 skin to fit on a g2 character?


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    I see the V4 UV set in my Surfaces tab when I load G2F

    It is because I have already bought this item :

    Please note the comment on the Product Page:

    note: Due to a limitation in how DAZ Studio handles presets, only material presets which are in DUF format can be directly applied. Any existing material presets must be re-saved in DUF format from the original Victoria 4.
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    Apply V4 skin onto Genesis. Save as a material preset. Apply it onto Gen2F, if the UV doesn't filter itself automatically, choose it manually. You may want to save it now too.

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    Thanks! I saved it as a material preset after applying to genesis and it works flawlessly..

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    Just a note, if you have V4, use that instead of Genesis, as Genesis doesn't have the Eye Surface that V4 and G2F have.

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