Remapping the V4 CR2 to take M4 textures (and vice versa)

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I used to have one of these remapped CR2s on my system but I've lost it. And I've forgotten the procedure for creating it. I recall that it was quite simple... now if only I could remember how it went... !

A few years back (maybe 2009/2010?) during the PC Anniversary bash there was a "Guy Stuff" coalition in the "Members Vote" part of it, and a bunch of V4 male textures was included in our haul (my alter-ego "vagabondfantasist" was involved). There was some discussion on the relevant Members Only forum thread about how these V4 male textures could be used with M4, and a simple process was documented and proved. I remember posting a screenshot of M4 wearing the default V4 texture, purple undies and all!

However, since my alter-ego left the PC a few years back I have no way of looking at the information I posted there.

I'm hoping that somebody can give my brain a nudge to help me remember.

TIA - ever-optimistic! :)


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    Poser or DS? In DS, just load the M4 OBJ as a new UV Set for V4 (from the Surface pane option menu). For Poser you would need to use UV Mapper Classic or the like to copy the UVs from the M4 OBJ to a copy of the V4 OBJ, then make a copy of the V4 CR2 and edit the two geometry lines to pointt o the modified OBJ.

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    Poser - and I want to save the remapped CR2 (for personal use only).
    I've only got the free UVMapper Classic, but I don't I don't recall that being part of the process I used... although I may well be wrong. Can you copy the UVs using the free version?
    I'd guess that from DAZ Studio I could use the old PFE to export a CR2 - the bit about loading the M4 OBJ as a new UV set has set some bells ringing in the dim cobwebbed recesses of my old dusty brain...

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    Yes. Open the M4 OBJ (Runtime\Geometries\DAZPeople\blMilMan-m4.obj I think) in UV Mapper Classic.
    From the File menu there shold be an option to export UVs (as a .uvs file) - do that.
    Open a copy of the V4 mesh (Runtime\Geometries\DAZPeople\blMilWon-v4b.obj), then import the save M4 uvs and save the model.
    Make a copy of the V4 CR2 and open it in a text editor, then search for .obj - you should find two lines, edit each so they list your copy of V4 with the M4 UVs. That should then load the remapped figure into Poser.

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    Thanks Richard, when I tried it loads of bells started ringing, and it works a treat!

    Here's the gender-confused 'proof of the pudding'...

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