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Hey there,

I'm playing around with DazToUnreal at the moment and it's working decently. However, when exporting, you need to choose what morphs you want to export along with it, and the more you choose the longer the export/import will be (up to a looooooong freaking time).

So obviously it would be prudent to only export the morphs currently in use on the chosen character/clothes, but this can take ages when you have a lot of things on the character.

Is there any way of filtering by "currently used" in the export window as there is in the morphs pane?

Thanks in advance.


  • If you just want to export the character as is with the morphs set how they currently are, you don't actually want to choose to export morphs.  They should get "baked in" to the character.  The morph export interface is for morphs you want to change at runtime in Unreal.

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    Somehow that never crossed my mind to try. Thanks for the help David, and for the tool!


    *Although, the filter by used feature could still be handy in the future, though obviously it's not as important as other things :)

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