How do I make a black silhouette in Iray?

I'd like to make some generic character silhouettes if possible. I guess it doesn't need to be in Iray if it's easier in 3Delight or whatever. I need them to use as icons in a project I'm working on. I've attached a picture from the internet of the type of thing I mean.

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    Do a regular old iray render with draw dome and draw ground turned off and render as png file. Open in PS, control click the layer with the render on it, create new layer and fill with black. That would be how I would do it at least.

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    It's that simple? I've got Photoshop Elements so I'll have to try it!

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    As an alternative, render with canvases(iray).(render settings>Advanced>Canvases)

    you only need to have an Alpha canvas.

    Take the alpha, which will be in exr format and in a sub-folder to the render, into a a photo editor, and invert it.

    save as desired format, and you're done.


    One thing, don't worry if the render itself is completely black, the alpha will generate seperately.

    the first attached image is the original, just a quick all default render of g8f, the second is inversion in gimp.

    converted to png as exr may not be supported.


    Edit: make sure "Draw ground" is set to OFF, other wise you'll get some weird results.

    alpha only-Canvas1-Alphaoorig.png
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    alpha only-Canvas1-Alpha.png
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    ground on-Canvas1-Alphaground on.png
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  • 3D works fine for this. .png if want clear background. Go to "back" view, make a light for that view, return to front view, make camera if want one and render image. If using Iray turn off the ground and any headlights.


  • Also in Gimp which an easy way to make an isolated figure into a profile (one that has alpha) is simply minimise brightness and maximise contrast on the layer. Copy it and invert if you want a mask.


    - choose layer
    - go into > Colour Control > Contrast and Brightness and set brightness slider to zero and contrast to max...
    - duplicate it and invert the colours on one layer from Colour Conrol options

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    set your environment sun sky to midnight, no lights or emitters, draw dome off

    headlight not enabled on camera

    render to png

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    THank you all for the suggestions. In the end I did Wendy's suggestion and it worked perfectly especially as I wanted to do a png anyway!

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