45th Bryce Contest Voting (Poll)

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THEME : *****   *Looking Ahead*   ***** 
DEADLINE :  ( 3/5/2021 )
https://s.surveyplanet.com/6LqiBK34a )

Prizes :

DAZ 3D Sponsorship, in the form of Store credit
Ist Place $30
2nd Place $20
3rd place $15
$10 for up to 3 Honorable Mentions

We will also be offering a special prize for the render judged the best from a Bryce New User. DAZ 3D will add $10.





  Dreaming of the day                     Looking ahead to real                 watching the way ahead                   To New Horizons
                                                               human contact.  

Spuddy-Dreaming-of-the-day   Looking-ahead-to-real-human-contact   watching-the-way-ahead   spuddy-To-New-Horizons

                     1                                                   2                                               3                                                      4



     Exploring the Mars.                          Future Dreams -                              Looking ahead                             Cloud Atlas
                                                              Exploring the Space

Exploring-the-Mars   Exploring-the-Space   adbc-Looking-ahead   Cloud-Atlas

                       5                                                   6                                                 7                                                 8



        Looking (for) a head.                 Future meets nature.                 Light, Lace & Flowers                       Strange Object     

Looking-for-a-head   Future-meets-nature   sray-light-lace-flowers   Strange-Object

                      9                                               10                                                 11                                                 12



     Looking up (to the UFO)              Looking forward to our                    Looking A Head                                A New Horizon
Golden Years.. away from
                                                            the Concrete Jungle

Looking-up-to-the-UFO    Looking-forward-to-our-Golden-Years   ngartplay-Looking-A-Head   A-New-Horizon
                       13                                                14                                             15                                                 16   



     First day of a normal life                   Try to look ahead                        The Mocking Jay                       Destroyer of Paradise

First-day-of-a-normal-life   try-to-look-ahead   The-Mocking-Jay   Destroyer-of-Paradise

                    17                                                  18                                               19                                                 20


                               (The World is) Coloured.                         Dragon                                Advanced Scout
                                   Not Black or White                     

                         The-World-is-Coloured-Not-Black-or-White   Dragon   Advanced-Scout

                                             21                                                 22                                                  23


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  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,641

    Voted - took me quite a while.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 2,179

    Voted, very difficult choice.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,849
    edited February 2021

    Voted difficult to choose, Good Luck everyone

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  • spuddyspuddy Posts: 400

    Voted yes very difficult to choose 

  • voted. Not easy to choose, like always.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,421

    I voted too - difficult choice - good luck to all.

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 1,849

    Voted, not easy

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    Interesting theme, and many nice interpretations. Voted.

    Good luck!

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 1,353

    Voted -  ~

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,330

    Voted, easy as ever (not) devil Good luck all.

  • S RayS Ray Posts: 314

    Nice work- Voted

  • Voted

  • Voted!

  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 13,100

    Voted - another excellent gallery.  Congrats to all.

  • Sci Fi FunkSci Fi Funk Posts: 1,182


    Two of them stood out to me, then it got harder to pick the other two.

    Good contest everyone.


  • Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 5,650

    Voted - tough choices, well done !!!

  • Almost as hard as voting on the last one.  Really good work.

    Special thanks to the artists who submitted larger images!

  • Voted, some very nice renders there

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 18,114

    Nice work everyone! Congrats to all for entering, and to those who win: Have fun shopping your winnings!!! :)

  • ApocApoc Posts: 337

    Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know, we have the results, we are just currently waiting on a tie breaker for one of our winners

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 33,604
    edited March 2021

    Ist Place    Watching the way ahead  (spuddy)

    2nd Place   Destroyer of paradise  (drachenlords)

    3rd place  A New horizon.  (Danwhiteside)

    Looking forward to our golden years  (mermaid010)
    Cloud atlas  (hansmar)
    Future Dreams exploring space (Yellow Pen)


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  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,330

    Congratulations to all winners! Specifically to Spuddy, who went from newby to winner in no time: well done.

    But, of course, also congrats to all participants for creating some nice Bryce works again.

    And, thanks to Apoc and Chohole for organisation and to all voters for voting.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 8,641

    Thank you Chohole and Apoc. Congratulations to all winners, thanks also to non-winners for participating with their awesome submissions.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 6,421

    Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered (there were some great entries which were unlucky in the vote too).

  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 1,849

    Awesome choices, great job everyone!

  • Congratulations to all winners and participants and especially to Spuddy with his incredibly good winning work. Many thanks to Chohole and Apoc for their efforts to make this contest possible.

  • spuddyspuddy Posts: 400
    edited March 2021

    What can I say? Surprised and Thanks a bunch,but mainly Congratulations to everybody who submitted.and the winners ...BUT  Really  Everybody In My book is a winner for exposing their work for us to enjoy 

    Thanks also to Chohole and Apoc

    Post edited by spuddy on
  • S RayS Ray Posts: 314

    Nice work by all participants. Congrats to all the winners . Special thanks to Chohole and Apoc for the hard work & dedication.  Keep on Brycing. 

  • adbcadbc Posts: 2,179

    Very nice work by everyone, congrats to the winners and every participant.

    Thanks Chohole and Apoc.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,849

    Nice surprise for a Monday morning, thanks for the votes, congrats to the winners and every participant.

    Thanks Chohole and Apoc.

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