DAZ 3d keeps opening instead of hexagon from launcher

I really would like to try this software, but it won't open!~ It just opens daz 3d!
Any help would be appreciated.


  • What do you mean by "Daz 3D"? The website? One of the installers (Daz Central or Install Manager)? Daz Studio? How are you trying to run the application? How did you install?

  • AscaniaAscania Posts: 1,182

    And what launcher are you talking about? We are NOT using your computer. We are NOT looking over your shoulder. You have to provide us with all information needed to understand what you are talking about.

  • Same problem. DAZ Central shows 'open' for Hexagon but opens DAZ Studio instead.

  • billszentbillszent Posts: 0

    Same issue..

    It shows up in my Daz Central Dashboard as an installed app v2.5.2.109.

    When I attempt to launch Hexagon from my Dashboard it opens DS instead


  • YlarrYlarr Posts: 0

    Same issue for me,

    I just made a Daz 3D account, installed DazCentral, used that to install Daz Studio (works fine), then installed Hexagon but when I click open on the Hexagon page in Applications (within DazCentral) it launches Daz Studio 4.15 (the same result as if I clicked the open button on the Daz Studio page).

    I have been able to launch Hexagon from the .exe file (where DazCentral installed it) and enter my serial number so I guess I'll use that method for now.

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