With the help from RoyGee I made a helmet screen and learn Hex techniques

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Hi there,

All credit go to RoyGee for the wonderful help to learn to make a helmet transparent screen and to fit a zipper he made to a cyclist jersey. I am still in the learning process and there are still issues I have to look into, i.e. aero-style helmet straps not showing correctly on Genesis. It has fitted perfectly in Daz Studio at first, but when I add the cyclist pose the side strips on both sides show only partly. I have tried to use translate tool to scale it out but when it's in the pose position, the scale option doesn't appear in DS on the right hand side menu. If I try using the translate tool in the scene it does not work either. :blank:

Credit also for him on making the aero-style helmet to use in a cyclist scene.

This is my first time doing anything in Hexagon and without his help, including with some techniques in Hexagon, I never would have even started! This is so much appreciated, especially for helping me in my home language! :-)

Attached images as in Daz Studio.


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    Glad to have helped and happy you got it to work.

    I've PM'd Launock with a few suggestions on fixing the chin strap, but not being a Studio expert by any means, everyone please feel free to jump in with some advice. I'd like to see the what the more regular users of Studio come up with :)

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    Hopefully you've got my PM Launok, with any luck the note will point you in the right direction.

    When I get my PC done I'll do a quick how to on the DS to Hex bridge and using it to make your own morphs. Hopefully Patience will jump in and give some advice on the techy side of things.

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    Just a render done in Daz Studio of the new helmet, this time send via Hex bridge as 1 welded model and all parts now together in DS including 'screws'! Thanks Catherine for reminding me of the welding part!

    For some reason the jersey I have made with zipper don't want to fit over undervest as one in the attached image and after using Transfer Utility as I had done in this image, heavy poke-through appear nevertheless if I use translation or scaling prior transfer utility. Have to go and figure out why this is. The helmet I had to physically moved into position after cyclist pose but it worked! The re-testing I will try tomorrow as it's now bed time! :)


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