Body morphs Victoria 4.2 not working on Mac Poser 2012

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A few people seem to have issues with Victoria's body morphs not working.
I can't figure out how to get them to work. Whenever I apply them, nothing seems to work.
I am on a Mac, OS 10.94

Does anybody know how to get them to work?
I used Daz Install Manager. I already uninstalled and reinstalled her once.

Thanks for any help!



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    I assume that you are talking about the Morphs++ packs

    In poser you have to inject the morphs, providing the base installation has been initialised so the the EXP channels are there for the injections. Installing using DIM should open those channels automatically.

    The morphs do have to be installed in the same runtime as the base figure. In Windows there is a .bat file that you can run to make sure that the figure is initialised.


    I assume there is something similar on the Mac

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 77,483
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    You are injecting the morphs, then looking for a not finding a slider to control the morph? Or finding a slider but it has no effect? The morph injections don't set the morphs - it's up to you to decide how much of an effect you want; the individual injection poses are so that you can be selective about what is loaded, there's no point in using them if you also use the Inject All poses.

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    in Runtime/libraries/!DAZ there is a file, app-file, named

    That one is executed by the cmdline script installed, called DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command in the same directory.

    Try to run by double-clicking DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command. If it doesn't run (which I suspect) or give permission errors start the terminal, type cd (then drop the onto your terminal window), hit return.
    now type cd Contents/MacOS/

    type ls -ls, should look something like this if it has the correct execution bits set.

    304 -rwxrwxrwx  1 totte  staff  153280 24 Feb  2007 DzCreateExPFiles
     80 -rw-rw-rw-  1 totte  staff   34124 10 Okt  2008 python

    if it doesn't have -rwxrwxrwx , type

    sudo chmod 777 DzCreateExPFiles
    Will require an authentication.
    Now try to doubleclick DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command and it should run

    Hope this helps.

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    I did install Victoria and the Morphs ++ pack using Daz Install manager. I am assuming DIM would install the morphs and Victoria in the same runtime.

    I just checked: In my DAZ Install Manager Folder, the Victoria 4 folder sits in Runtime < Libraries < !DAZ.
    The Morph Injections Folder sits in the same Runtime < Libraries < Pose < Daz's Victoria 4 < Morph Injections.

    In regard to Richard's post: I am finding the slider, but it has not effect when I use it.

    Responding to Totte: I tried what you suggested, but I am not very familiar with using Terminal. I probably screwed it up, because I still couldn't use "DzCreate........V4.command".

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    ok, yes, it's difficult when you're not used to it, but as you saw, the problem was there, either the script or the scriptexecutpr.
    Will try to explain better...

  • TotteTotte Posts: 12,274
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    (a) You should drop the, not the DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command file onto the terminal.

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    Your runtime seems to be correct.

    I went in to Runtime / Libraries / Characters / Daz People and brought V4 into the scene.

    I then went to Runtime / Libraries / Pose / Morph injections and injected the V4 base morphs and then the V4 Morphs++ using the Icons which (on my PC) appear below all sub the folders in that folder. I am not certain if this is standard, as my runtimes are very customised, and as you can see I am using my old P6 runtime here, as that is the version i had V4 installed in to before I upgraded both PC and Poser.

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    I've asked about this in the other forum thread and I had huge problems. Sadly my health wasn't up to it at the time and my V4 had to go without Morphs++ for the time being (I suffer from chronic migraines so I've had lots of pain and lots of confusion). :(

    My head isn't anywhere near 100% yet but I tried to go through the steps above.

    Try to run by double-clicking DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command. If it doesn’t run (which I suspect) or give permission errors start the terminal, type cd (then drop the onto your terminal window), hit return.
    now type cd Contents/MacOS/ etc

    I get the permissions listed and they're incorrect so I go through the sudo chmod 777 DzCreateExPFiles and type my password. Now when I go through the steps to see if the permissions have changed, they have and it all looks as I think it should (following the steps).

    But when I then double click on the DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command, I STILL get the error. :(

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    Try change permissions on the V4.command file too then. ls -ls to check its permissions.

  • JoelLovellJoelLovell Posts: 101
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    Ok, thanks to your original step by step instruction, I was able to change the file's permissions. (I had originally tried to 'cd DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command' but I figured out I'd need to perform the action to the surrounding folder instead).

    Anyway, I was able to run the DzCreateExPFiles-V4.command file and it opened in the Terminal and it gave me a large list of what it's doing and then it says [Process Competed]

    I was very happy until I opened Poser again and load V4 and then tried the Morphs++ but it was acting as it had always done. :long:

    The Runtime I was applying this to had the V4 character along with several Morph extras (including Morphs++, Elite Morph. Muscle Morphs and Reby Star) and NOTHING else which I installed in a fresh Runtime via the DIM (which I would have thought Daz would have sorted that out by now, especially when it's installed via the DIM)

    Now my situation may be different to the norm but I've created dozens of Runtimes to keep it sort of organised like V4 Characters, V4 Clothes, M4 Characters etc (and I've done this for all the characters and clothes and I've added Vehicles, Buildings, Props, Lights, Environment etc). Some things wouldn't install to a Runtimes unless one of the base characters were installed there first which means I have several V4's out there in different Runtimes.

    I've only gone through your steps above on that one Runtime and it was that Runtime that I loaded V4 from and applied the Morphs but the result was the same as before. The plan was that I use this V4 when adding her to the scene which would save the time on doing this to ALL Runtimes containing V4.

    However, does it mater that I've only done it on one - is this why it's failing? :-/

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    And there is your problem. You should only have one runtime containing V4 and all her morph sets, this includes the morphs++ pack and Steph 4, Aiko 4, Girl 4, muscle morphs, Creature creator V4 etc.

  • JoelLovellJoelLovell Posts: 101
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    This wasn't a problem previously. I had this setup for several years now. I only have ONE V4 per Runtime but I have several Runtimes.

    The problem only appeared as I have a new Mac and I simply relinked my old Runtimes to Poser Pro 2014 and the Morphs no longer worked on her. I tried reinstalling a fresh Runtimes for just V4 using the DIM and the manually with the installers and neither V4 worked correctly.

    Unfortunately, after removing all the Runtimes I could (the original couldn't be removed) and then restarting Poser and ONLY adding the Runtime I've (supposedly) fixed, and adding V4 to the scenes and adding Morphs++ to her has the same error as before. :shut:

    Strangely, M4 wasn't affected at all and still works great from my original Runtimes - and, like V4, I have several Runtimes containing the M4 character and Morphs. >:(

  • Totte- This worked for me.  ++ were fine, but needed it for Elite morphs for both M4 and V4. Thanks!

  • Hello. I'm afraid I just found that I'm having this issue as well. I noticed Richard asked if the slider wasn't showing or not working. My specific issue is that the powerloader seams to load everything and I can find the Creature Creature content in the content library, but for me, the slide bars do not show at all to make any adjustments with. Also, I'm on PC. Any help is appreciated, thx.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 19,013

    How were they installed?  Is the V4 base and all morphs installed to the same Runtime?

  • I install everything with the DIM now, so they should all be going to the same place.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 19,013

    Make sure only one Runtime has a "Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4" folder.

  • Gave that a try. I did have one other folder with an !daz\victoria 4 directory and I renamed it to old_victoria 4_old, but still no change. I did find out that I could manually merge the morphs into the scene and then the sliders do show up and if I save the figure, they stay when reloaded, but still, the sliders don't show when loading a new victoria 4.2

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 19,013

    After making sure there's only one folder, you need to run Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\DzCreateExPFiles-V4.bat to reinitialize the morphs correctly.

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