Suddenly Hexagon no longer working

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on the forums and I need some help, if anyone's up for it. I've submitted a help request to DAZ, but it has taken up to 7 days to hear back from them on other issues. I simply do not have the time to wait that long at the moment. I have a small window of time that I can work on Hexagon, before having to get to my "bread n butter." I'd appreciate any help the community can provide.

I have been learning to use Hexagon with a tutorial bundle sold at the store here on DAZ. Everything was going smoothly, until I decided to attempt my own original model. It's a very basic model of a wall decoration, similar to the size and shape of a painting with a few nooks and crannies. It took me quite a while to get the details right, because I'm pretty new 3D. I saved my document several times along the way. I closed my document to take a break, thinking I'd return to UV mapping and texturing afterward. When I attempted to open my document it crashed. I tried several things to no avail, so I finally realized it would be quicker to remake the model, since I had already done it and had a roadmap in mind. Before I went into the full detail of the design, I tested saving and reopening. I was hit with the same crash. So I opened one of my older files that I made following the tutorials and they opened just fine. Then, I created a file with a cube primitive without modification. Same steps to test. Same issue. I have no clue what's going on. Can anyone think of a reason this is happening?

I look forward to learning from you all.

Windows 8 64-bit
Intel Core i5-4200 CPU @1.6GHz 2.3GHz

Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of 3D modeling :)

    Does your Hex document crash during loading the file, or after the file is open and you try to do something with it? What error message are you getting?

    The first thing to try is to reset your preferences - even if you didn't make any changes. You also want to have your graphics card set to allow the application to decide, instead of maximum performance.

    If you are able to load the saved file, export it immediately as .obj without doing anything to it, close Hex, re-open and import the .obj, see how that goes and let us know.


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    Hi Roygee!

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm having fun learning 3D and adding it to my bag of tricks. Not to mention I got addicted to the store. There's so much cool content that sends my imagination flying.

    To answer your question, Hex crashes when I attempt to load the file by double-clicking from its directory. As you suggested, I have reset the preferences to no avail. I also have my Graphics Processor set to "Auto-Select." I didn't see an option to let the app decide. I have also added it to the list of apps that can use the high performance GPU.

    I found a way around the issue by launching Hex, and loading from the App itself. Thankfully, the work isn't lost. However, the app still crashes when I try to load any new file I create by double-clicking. Thanks for your help in trying to figure this out.


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    Aah yes, I remember that problem from the days when Hex used to be updated. If you installed a newer version without a complete uninstall of the previous one, double-clicking would try to open the old version and crash. Since doing a new install on a new machine, I don't have that anymore. In fact, I've got Hex linked to open any .obj file with a double-click.

    Seeing as you only recently installed Hex, that can't be it. Unless you did a re-install to a different directory without a complete uninstall, I can't think of any other reason for you to be getting that - but I'm no software expert!

    Glad you got it sorted and can get on with it - looking forward to seeing some of your work :)

    Edit to add : Maybe try re-linking to the Hex .exe through the "Open with" function ?

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    Thanks! I thought that was a good suggestion, but it didn't work. I'm stumped. However, I figure it doesn't matter much as long as I can get the files open somehow. DAZ will get to my ticket soon enough.

    So far my ventures into 3D have been for my clients, but I'm working on some stuff for my books that I hope to get some critique on soon. Thanks for the interest!

    Hope to see you on the boards, when I do. :)


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