I've Got a Frown on My Face :(

I can't find my Bryce 7.1 pro upgrade serial number or download link.  I recently downloaded and installed Bryce again (as you all know I've been active here).  I was not able to download the files at first because large downloads would quit.  Finally got it downloaded but the second half of the Bryce pro content did not download and said to do it through Daz Install Manager.  I'm missing the scene files that come with the program and some other items.  I know because I'm watching a David Brinnen video and he opens the scene file and says it's included.

I bought Bryce 5, 6, 7 and the 7 upgrade.  None of them are there now.  Help please.


  • NGartplayNGartplay Posts: 1,851

    Well, ok....so I found a scene file called Big Sur.  That's the one I was looking for so maybe I got all the pro content that I was supposed to get.  I also just figured out where my Bryce downloads and serial numbers are. 

    Sorry, never mind....it's hard getting old.  At least I meet new people all the time.

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