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what is a thumbs file and can it go anywhere or must it be in the same file as the content it came with? when your run time is large its a pain to have a file in a file in a file. also I label my files like this pretty dress by fred j not... fred j pretty dress or fredj/ pretty dress/actual dress
when I think I want a dress I dont think fred j!


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    I an guessing that you are talking about the "thumbs" file that appears in almost every zip. Personally I just delete them. In fact if I remember I do delete them from my zips before I offer them for distribution, but do admit :red: that I do forget most of the time.

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    By default Windows saves info about thumbnails in thumbs.db in each folder that contains images so that they display more quickly if you view with thumbnails. It's normally an invisible system file, but if you have those set to be visible you'll sew them. I always delete them.

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    Thanks !!

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