November 2020 Winners-Spotlight - Daz 3D New User Challenge - Materials and next level kitbashing

Since I'm having trouble with the November challenge thread I'll give you the Winners announcement in a new thread, here is the link to the challenge:


Beginners Challenge Spotlight is on





Advanced Challenge spotlight:



Shinji Ikari 9th



and the new user welcome is  for



Thank you very much for participating, I was very impressed with the ideas you all came up with and I wish I could have given a spotlight to more people.

I noticed that there are still some questions open for some images and I would like to help you answer those, but since the November thread is that that troublesome I would like to direct you to my Art forums thread, to post and ask there:


  • Congrats all! =)

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    Shinji, I loved how your design evolved over the month. LaPartita, it was such a fantastic idea. Davidjones, I loved your scene - it was incredible. Alive, thanks for the hints this month and I could go on with all the winners. Great work all!

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  • Awesome work everyone and congrats to the winners! 

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