Patience55 and others - Need more help regarding exporting as obj to DS please

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Patience55 and anyone else please I need help when exporting to DS4.6.

Everything is going ok EXCEPT the seam line and silver texture spoils the jacket when opening in DS as seen in attached images!! :smirk:

Can this be that the export as .obj in Hexagon menu is not set up correctly!? As mentioned in another thread I am new to modeling. I have used Ghastly's resource kit and with the help of Patience55 managed to create a front seam line which looks correct in Hexagon, but very untidy in DS.

Can it be the way I have tried to use the smooth option in Hexagon which does this? I actually don't want the jacket to be textured at all but now it have this silver look and something tells me the texture is causing the seam line in DS to have such a strange look.

Which option must I use in Hex 2 before I export the final .obj so it will have a smooth but not textured look? I am aiming to make this as freebie at some time but for people to can add their own textures later.

And then something else I want to try making from the resource kit is an under style vest as in the attached image. But this will needs lots of "cutting"!! I have learned now the single middle seam cut, but how about the rest as to get similar to image?

Thank you for all your help. :-)


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    Really, I am not thinking at all!!! :smirk:

    I had a migraine attack recently and was out of action a bit but now that I am feeling better I have suddenly realized I have never rendered the jacket in DS itself! How silly is this? I always forget that DS has in fact its own render engine but I normally do my scenes in Bryce and render it from there. After I have rendered the jacket in DS now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the front seam line cut!!! It's the bad silver texture causing the strange grey areas on the seam line which initially gave the jacket a strange seam line (before rendering that is).

    I have quickly rendered the jacket and here it is - perfect seams! :-) I have just to work on the textures though. And then I got a tut from Chacornac on how to get the jacket to conform with poses, etc. Just have to translate some parts into English first as I have no clue of French!


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