Plugin and using one folder in plugin folder for all content...?

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The structure of folders with-in daz and outside..3rd party screw-ups put stuff all over the place...Can I consolidate a plugin and all of its geometries/textures in one folder with-in the Daz plugin folder...?


as it is right now the only things that are not in the same folder are textures and pre-sets those are in mylibrary...


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  • Content should never be placed in the application folder.

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    thanks never got a reply notification on this reply...Windows 10 broke the paths for my plugin and am trying to call the user/username/documents for the content but doesnt work...Yet


  • What about this code: QString homeUserDirectoryPath = QDir::homePath();

    The string homeUserDirectoryPath is the full path to a storage folder that contains the user's personal files.

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    Richard Haseltine said:

    Content should never be placed in the application folder.

    Thanks richard... any reason why I am not getting any notification on replies to any of my forums posts...?

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  • Have you verified your notifications are enabled?

    Gear in the top right corner, your username, then lower gear in the top right corner, edit profile, then notification preferences on the righthand side.


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