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Is there any way to find out what exactly the "updates" are for some products that show up in the Install Manager?

For context, I am on a limited data plan, so I'm always in need of balancing what I download and what I don't, and so because of this I''ve had several products sitting at the top of my install manager for some time now that I've yet to actually download, due to the amount of data they would collectively require, and not having any idea of what the updates themselves are for, given that I've not had any noticeable problems with using said products as is. I've tried opening up the product documentation pages for some of them, but nothing seems to show up in known/resolved issues, so I'm seemingly in the dark here.

As an example, I've had the Book Smart Outfit since release, and I've not had any trouble using it, however there's a near 1GB update available. Now 1Gb isn't much, but that's just one product out of several that quickly add up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There should be a notation on the product's ReadMe under "Resolved Issues", but, lately, products are getting updated without any listed. I'm in the same boat as you regarding my data plan and if the update is just for meta data, for example, I know I can pass. But if it's a functionality issue, then I have to plan when I can download it.

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    Were I in your situation, I would not waste my data allowance on an update which (may or may not) fix a problem I DON'T HAVE.

    I have no such data restrictions, and I've left a character update sitting in the download list because I've had no issues with the character in my limited usage of her, and it would not be the first (or second, or third, or fourth) time that an update caused rather than solved a problem for me.

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