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I had Bryce 7 and bought the Bryce 7 pro upgrade.  This was years ago.  I was watching a Horo video showing how to clear a scene of old memory usage by saving a scene, creating a cube, deleting the cube then clicking on a revert to save.  My version of Bryce doesn't seem to have this option.  The shortcut on my desktop says Bryce 7.1 but when I check the 'about Bryce' link in help it only shows Bryce 7 Pro. My serial number is for Bryce 7 Pro.   I can't find a store link to Bryce 7.1 or Bryce 7.1 upgrade.

Obviously I'm confusing myself.  Can anyone straighten me out?  Thanks.

Edit:  I do have the Revert to Saved.  Sorry, my eyes don't behave all the time anymore.  Still curious about the 7.1 version.

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    NGartplay - oh that's probably a bit confusing. That idea was to clear the revert-to memory. If you delete something in a scene, it disappears from your scene but stays in memory. This permits you to undo 16 (I think) steps (that's ctrl-z or Edit > Undo). The idea with the cubes is to fill the undo buffer with something that uses almost no memory and thus push out older parts that may be more memory demanding. The more reliable option to clear the memory is to save the scene, quit Bryce, start it and load your scene.

    The link to Bryce is If you click on Help hold down the Ctrl key and click on About Bryce. A small window pops up with the Bryce version. It should be

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    Bought it in April this year, the download link in my Product Library states "Bryce_7.1.0.109_Win32.exe"

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    PerttiA said:

    Bought it in April this year, the download link in my Product Library states "Bryce_7.1.0.109_Win32.exe"

    The serial number turns it into Pro.

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    Thanks everyone, I do indeed have 7.1....yay.  Horo, got it now, understand about the memory.  Maybe I can turn down the number of saved actions under preferences.  I'll check that out.

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