Anybody recall the Poser fix to get Freak 4 working without that dent in his biceps ?

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Simply that - does anybody recall the Poser fix to get Freak 4 working without that dent in his biceps ?
You know, the red arrows on the ttached image.

I'm fairly sure it was a simple edit to the CR2.

I think it was posted at Renderosity but there seem to be problems with the forums over there at the moment, but  a link to the thread would be brilliant.

(the URL and details appear to be one of the few things I lost a few months ago when my HDD crashed)

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  • yes That'll do nicely (I hope - I'll try it tomorrow) - the mention of smoothing zones rings a bell.

    I'd still be interested if anybody can recall the thread, or remembers the exact details.

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    See description under the picture ...

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    Thinks: Might be able to automate it using the readScript approach araneldon used for the  Mix K4M4V4 morphs freebie at ShareCG. 

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  • Note to self: I googled f4 arm poser but no answers, just this

    Also posted the question on the now-working-again Renerosity forums

  • Look for Lyrra Madril's M4ArmFix.  Not sure where I got it, it's from 2016.  Possibly Renderosity Freestuff?

    From the readme:

    m4 Arm Fix(C) Lyrra Madril 2016

    All of this product's content was created by Lyrra Madril


    The michael 4 left and right collar smoo joint setting is on backwards. Always has been.  This is only noticeable if you apply scaling to Michael 4 in poser.

    Several morphs, including Freak4, use scaling on the arms and break in poser. This is annoying.

    This product is a one click fix pz2 that simply fixes the one joint setting on the arms. it does not change anything else on the figure.

    You can apply this to any m4 based figure, and any m4 based clothing. It will change only the smoothing between the colalr and shoulder parts.

    I hope this helps!


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    Thanks, that's the link that Kerya posted, and it does indeed work like a charm. It jogged my memory about the problem being the smoothing zones, which the readme confirmed. But I'm still trying to track down the Renderosity* thread where I originally came across the fix. While Lyrra Madrill's readme provides the explantion, I have a niggle in the back of mind regarding a specific observation made in the original thread, and I'm just trying to get rid of that niggle.

    Here's the text of my new query over at 'rosity, purely to clarify where I'm at:

    "I posted this question over on the DAZ Poser forum a couple of weeks ago as Anybody recall the Poser fix to get Freak 4 working without that dent in his biceps ? because the Renderosity forums weren't working.

    Kerya pointed me at Lyrra Madrill's Michael 4 arm fix freebie on ShareCG which does indeed fix the problem.

    But what I'm actually after is the explanation, which I'm fairly sure that I read in a thread here on the Renderosity* forums.

    I've used both Renderosity's own forum search and Google to try and find the thread, but with no luck.

    Does anybody have the link ?

    *it could have been the RDNA forums"


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    Thanks again Kerya. Obviously not the thread in question, but the bit about FreakScaleOn that Richard mentioned is what I was thinking of. yes

    That explains a problem I've noticed. I've been playing with the Barbarian King and Spartan Warrior, both from the DAZ store, and when I conform them to F4 the bracers were too small. It turns out that if I set F4s FreakScaleOn to 0.0 they conform correctly. If I dial up F4s FreakScaleOn his upper body expands and his arms stetch sideways, but the bracers don't. This gives the impression that they're riding up his arms and shrinking into them. Spartan bracer on his right arm, Barbarian King bracer on his left in the screenshots below with FreakScaleOn set to 0.0, 0.5 and 1.0 respectively. In fact I've just realized that the 'dent' in his upper arm is the result of his collar bodypart engulfing the unmoving shoulder bodypart as it expands.

    N.B. Lyrra Madrill's fix pose does not resolve this FreakScaleOn problem - I just tried it on the bracers from both outfits. Not surprised, as that pose was specifically a fix for the smoothing zone problem, not the scaling.

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    Not on my render computer at the moment ... but what happens if you conform the bracers and then tick Copy morphs and Include scales in the Properties tab?

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    That worked. yes


    (Just in case - the sequence I used: Load M4 (no morphs applied), Load bracers, tick Include Morphs and Include Scales for the bracers, Conform the bracers, set M4's F4Heroic morph = 1, set M4s FreakScaleOn morph = 1)


    Note to self:This thread and my "Converting old conforming clothing to superconforming" thread are starting to overlap now.

    Note 2 to self: Over on the corresponding Renerosity thread raven pointed me at an old 2012 thread that's set lots of bells ringing loudly - Solution for Freak4 scaling problem in [PP2012] SR3 . 

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