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Thread about my works which are mostly about RPGs and art, and maybe something else. Right now I am trying to use DS with new computer and sync it with older one, and sorting DS content. Here is what I am doing and planing to do....


I have started to play Ad&d 1994., first adventure was Old Sea Dog, here is more about it...

Here is my first character sheet and picture I am trying to make about him, I hope I will bring others too...

Gorgar Character Sheet p1Character Sheet p2 , Gorgar Illustration






!+W-I05 Characters Gorgar 1stMG1994 aFront.jpg
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!+W-I05 Characters Gorgar 1stMG1994 Back.jpg
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Gorgar University.jpg
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    Here is second picture, I did today. I have made Wizard Castle 2 work on new computer in 3Delight, though strangely shadow doesn't work on Versatile Terrain as it worked on the same terrain but on previous set with Fantasy Castle which is my fav 3d model. I also have problem with pw Toon shaders working on new computer, I have reinstalled DS 4.7 and it should work but I don't know why it does not... On this picture You can see one cleric figure done with 3 Delight all others are done with shadow catcher and pw Toon on my old computer and I really miss that style. I am not sure what to do to make them work cool

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    The characters are quite interesting, your first one is quite unique.  I love the gal in the foreground in the second one.

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    Thank You! angel Here is a town I called Liroel first, but later decided to rename it to Oldport (but the older name is still in use). I have made map of it and recreated it in DS, actually only part one of 6... This picture is showing inn Lazy lion and 2 random rogues (mostly scout) characters Ral and Jillian Clearwater... I have their stats, now I think it is time to actually make some backstory...

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    I am a bit slow here, but news is that I have started to run Ad&d game again on Roll20, and probably I will trz to make some art for it...


    I just want to thanks everyone for wonderful 3d freebies this month and hope You will not get scared of me :) I recorded video of myself and just hoped to post wishing everyone Hayppy Holdays and to thanks DAZ for all support through the years. Here it is just swipe to the right for some videos of me at my place angel

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