Hexagon constantly crashing

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I've posted this in the New Users forum but just in case some of you don't read those...

I've just purchases Hexagon and the program is constantly crashing!! I start modelling and within anything from 5 minutes to half an hour it crashes. They are just simple models of a bout 140 poly count or so before it crashes. I didn't have this problem with Blender having models with thousands of poly's.

My PC details.

Intel i7-3770 @ 3.4GHz

Windows 7 64 bit


nVidia GeForce GTX 660Ti 377.88 Driver

Hex version


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    You're probably doing something to cause the crash. Trying to work with UV mapped faces while in Dynamic Geometry or smoothing levels can cause a crash for example. Intersecting too many faces at once or in certain ways in an extrude can cause a crash too.

    Usually it's pretty easy to figure out what you did that caused the crash if it crashes every time you try to do a specific task. It's not necessarily the programs fault sometimes, it's just that you might not be taking into account other factors..

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    Thanks for your reply. I'm very new to Hex so I'm an absolute noob with it. I'll will try and remember what it is I last did to cause the crash next time.

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    If you are just making morphs or small fixes then using Hexagon is ok! If you are using Hex as a serious modeler don't it's memory limits just make this software a no go for large project and the UV editor is full of bugs! Silo just went 64bit but if you don't want to spend more money just bite the bullet and take up Blender yes I know you don't like the interface but get over it. It's modeler is 64bit and it is stable and has great features that are constantly being improved plus it is free. Come on how can you complain about free! I like Hexagon but the worst thing that happened to Hex was being sold to Daz. The company does not see any real profits coming from improving this piece of software so they are just focusing on what does make them money 3D content and Daz studio. I don't blame them, they see that there are free options out there and hobbyist don't spend alot of money on modeling tools they can get for free elsewhere. Software engineering is costly in both time and people who could be working on things that bring in more money. I just wish they would open source the software if they are not going to update it. Just my 2 cents.

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    I pretty much agree with Silver Dolphin - with the exception that Hex is very capable of handling very large projects. I normally make pretty complex models, with sometimes hundreds of separate meshes without problems on Win 7 64 bit without problems. Attached is a render of my latest.

    The instability has been discussed at great length over many years and the conclusion is always that it is more pilot error than instability. Unfortunately, Hex does not have good error catching and will crash if it is asked to do something which it was not designed to do.

    It's UV mapping capabilities are adequate, but I don't use it much for that since getting UU3D, mainly because it does not keep seam information after saving, so this has to be done in one sitting - something I can't do with the complex models I make.

    I also use Blender, which is improving at a rate of knots and the UI is a lot more user friendly than it was a short while ago - well worth making the effort to learn.

    Silo was also on the "abandonware" list for years - great to see it revived - I've just now downloaded a trial version and it looks good - not yet 64 bit, but I believe that is coming soon. Doubt that I'd want to pay $150 for it - with Hex and Blender I have all the modeling tools I need :)

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