Very silly freebie - Cat Food Bowl

I was playing about this morning having woken up earlier than I wanted, and it occurred to me I didn't have a cat food bowl model for my cats to sit next to and show that the bowl was empty, so they really were starved this time, honest.

So, I modelled one up & thought someone else might find it of use too. It's an obj file, planar mapped from above. Modelled in SolidWorks, translated to Obj from a STL file and mapped using my own programs. Two material zones, default and Rubber_Feet. Apply a plastic material shader to the body and a rubber one to the rubber feet (black or white). There is a .mtl file included, but has only very basic material definitions. Import at 100% scale into DS.In the import position, the feet are 0.2cm below ground level, so either translate it by Y+0.2 or do a CTRL-D once in DS.

The image is from my modeller which finds the triangles from STL files hard to plot properly, but it shows pretty much what the bowl looks like.

Hope someone finds it of use.



781 x 480 - 77K


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