How to save UV view as bigger image file?

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I want to use the UV lines to make some textures with its own section for each face of a model. In the UV view, there's an option to save the UV view as an image, but it only saves at one resolution of 537x537. I found out that the size is directly related to the actual size of the window, but I want to be able to set it to a custom saved image size larger than screen resolution.

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    I use a free piece of software called UV Mapper Classic. You arrange the map as you want it then export the object "prop-map".obj.
    Imprort the *.OBJ file into UVmapper and choose the size you want and save the image (UVMap) - very easy to use.

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    Another free utility which can save out templates to any size you want [be sure to select a square size].


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    I'll also recommend the free UV Mapper Classic, you can save out the uv template at any resolution you need. I liked the free program sufficiently that I bought the pro version, and still use it. It's a good investment in your 3D arsenal.

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