Classic boy/girl scout/brownies/cubscout/Den Mother uniforms for G8 M/F



  • Come somebody please post links to these various clothing items that can be made into girl scout uniforms?

  • theom777_06b5ec29 said:

    Like this?

      That's the one I was talking about when I said that the only one I can currently find wasn't very good. It's a Geneisis 8 uniform that looks like it was made back in the Genesis 2 days.

      It looks too basic. And who every heard of a scout uniform without badges and patches? VERY underwhelming...

       And, as I also said, no G8 girlscout uniform exist at all. Criminal, just criminal...


    I think it's probably a good item, but the drab colors and the choice of a blank off-white void for the main promotional image don't do the outfit justice.

    Yeah, the absence of badges and patches are the biggest problem.  You could try to make your own, but we are headed into "Why would I buy ready-made content if I then need to make a major effort to make it practical/useful?" territory.  Uniforms without insignia almost always look like they're just bad fashion decisions.

    Armed forces/combat uniforms come up in multiple genres in every generation of figures, so they probably sell reasonably well, but scouting seems like a small niche.

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