Trying to define Brycers' oecumena

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The ecumene (US) or oecumene (UK; Greek: οἰκουμένη, translit. oikouménē, lit. "inhabited") is a Greek term for the known, the inhabited, or the habitable world dating from antiquity. 

Even though nowodays Bryce isn't as popular and widespread as in older days, there are still users who happily continue brycing here and there. And, as usual, community is divided into smaller parts on different places of web. Some people participate in most, if not all - and some are exclusive to this and that. Regardless, can we find out what are all those places, so any traveller could know where to look for new worlds, that are born from the foam of Bryce enlightened


- obviously, most well known place is this very site, this very forum, this very gallery. Of course, as Bryce is under DAZ since many years, it's the main "home" - both to software itself with related products, and to users around. I like our comfortable and warm subforum community here, even though i wish some people would come back and/or participate a bit more often :) It's good to check both threads on this forum and main website's gallery, as some only post here or there.

- Rashad's and Horo's Bryce Five dot com. Even if seemingly discussions don't take place often over there now, i often go there to dive into history of brycing, finding out inspiration from what users were doing years ago.

- Rendo, another site, covering many years that passed. From what i see now, R's bryce subforum is very quiet. However, people over there are always post something new to gallery (and bryce categorie have id #2 which is cool to notice). Looking at renders lately, i'd say that brycers from R. mostly prefer doing abstracts/geometry/surreal, but also landscapes and whatever else, too, of course. Because how Bryce is versatile.

- Deviantart overall and Bryce and/or 3d landscaping groups specifically. Another relic from the past, dA, however recently it went through interface update process, which has both positive and negative sides to it. Yet those who decided to stay, still doing bryce there as well. Due to removal of "categories" in modern dA redesign, i suggest to those who post there Bryce works, not only use tag "bryce" but also  "bryce3d", so it's easier to find.
- Pixiv, japanese-based, had bryce users over the years, but nowodays i dont find many brycers that are still active. But may look there to discover some oldies too.

- Facebook's groups that are Bryce-dedicated. I'm aware of one of them which is pretty active and i even see some familar users in it - it's called "bryce - paradise".


Well, this what comes to mind currently. Anything more to keep eyes on? Maybe some non-english places? I heard that german bryce-focused resource was closed recently, which is sad. I guess, many of old sites were finally shutdown. However, you never know what you can find, huh? Also maybe some giant "general 3d" resources, like that one called ArtStation - i was finding nice brycers there too, but sadly interface of site is not very ergonomic nor functional, and hard to find anything if you already don't know the artist.

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    I didn't know that there was a Facebook page called bryce-paradise. Thanks.

    There are lots of Bryce 3D images on Photobucket, Flickr and other photo-sharing sites. I started uploading my renders on Pinterest long, long before I started a gallery here, Although it's not user friendly (one needs an account to enjoy the features), it's nice and I like it.

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    Oh, i remember pinterest. It's usually a tool to make "moodboards" or specific theme collections. Or to bookmark favorite images. Though haven't think of 3d with it - usually when i hear "pinterest" i think "photography".


    Flickr, i fear, lost huge amount of content, when recently they forcibly deleted "images that are more than 1000" from free accounts. Some of works from the past were lost forever.

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    Yes Pinterest is theme collections, I enjoy using it because I make notes of what I used and which tutorials I followed to get a result, more a personal gallery with notes. laugh I do get some nice feedback from time to time.

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