Access to raw rendered image data?

Hello all,

I might be biting off more c++ than I can chew trying to wrap my brain around this topic... but -

In the documentation for the SDK I found a DzRenderData() class and DzRenderDataEvent() which reference a 'passData' function. Looking a bit further I believe they are used in the DzRenderHandler() class but don't seem to be documented fully and I can't find any reference or examples to look at.

I assume this is the mechanism where the renderer is passing back a bucket's worth of render data and then once all the buckets are received writes the image out to the file?

If i'm on the right track can these classes and functions be used to manually assemble an image, or have direct access to the fully rendered image, but BEFORE it writes out to a file? And then also, could something be called, like DzRenderer.killRender() to prevent the writing of the file to disk?

thanks for any pointers/tips/help



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