Daz Studio 12 and macOS

Couple of quick questions:

1. Did they fix the issue where due to some previliges stuff we couldn't open files on the Mac?

2. Does Daz Central play nice with Daz Connect? (since it the only way to install DS12 on a Mac atm) I installed it when it first came out on my PC and it made a mess of  my Daz Connect library and I had to re-install everything. Don't want that.


  • LeanaLeana Posts: 7,521

    The problems to open files with Catalina are fixed in current general release. However if you're an animator be aware that current general release has known bugs regardig animation features.

    I know there's no manual installers for Mac for the current version due to some technical isssue, but if the program is available via DazCentral it should be available via DIM too. DIM shouldn't mess up your settings.

  • OstadanOstadan Posts: 1,045

    Still crashes sometimes after using keyboard shortcuts.  Not reliably enough to make the customer service people happy, though.

  • I'm on an older macOS, but I still use DIM.

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