How To Make Her Smile? (Mini-Tutorial) ... sort of

Hi, today we want to talk about expressions.
Expressions are very important.
Having purchased a lot of expressions and not happy with those?
This is why.
Those expressions, you've purchased are mostley great, but they are not for every character in your library, because every character needs its specific set of expressions.
What looks good on the G8Female, might look aweful on Victoria 8. Like in real life, nobody has the same smile.
Sorry I'm not a big help here, but I can try to encourage you to create your own expression sets.
Sorry again, it will take work.

here is my Roxy character with zero expressions:

!!!_ROXY Open Smile 0%.jpg
2560 x 1395 - 2M


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    I have created a smile, that contains a lot of purchased expressions plus my own morphs. They are all linked to my one dial called "!!! ROXY Open Smile" as sub components. Lots of them are keyed to have the best possible results at any set of the dial.

    !!!_ROXY Open Smile 30%.jpg
    2559 x 1396 - 2M
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  • Keep in mind, that lips stretch, when smiling. Lots of muscles in a face are involved. Smiling is a hard face work out.
    Here I decided, that it might look best to have her teeth shown a little bit, because ROXY has alittle bit of an over bite.

    !!!_ROXY Open Smile 50%.jpg
    2558 x 1401 - 2M
  • Sometimes it is important to dial back sub components at 100% dial value, that's why those sub components need to be keyed.

    !!!_ROXY Open Smile 100%.jpg
    2556 x 1395 - 2M
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    To do this, you need to create a master dial. Now right click in your Parameter Tab and select "Edit Mode".
    This gives you access to the "ERC Freeze" command. So select your master dial, then "ERC Freeze" and select in the pop up menue the parameters you need as your sub components.
    Now next step: Right click your Master Dial and go down in the roll out menue to "Show In Property Hirachy".
    Here you'll find your sub-Components.
    Go to Attributes. You will find a line saying "Type: ERC [DeltaAdd]".
    Klick it and change it to "Type: ERC [Keyed]".
    Now you have a line there "Keys" If you click that line a + button appears. Click it and it will give you the option to set the Sub-Component value related to your Master Parameter Dial.
    The Master Parameter value is first in that line. It is usually set to zero and the linked sub component value is zero too.
    E.G: You have now the option to set "0" (equal to 0%) to "0"
                                                         "0,5" to "0.25"
                                                         "1" (equal to 100%) to "1"
    This is the trial and error work now.
    You'll have to find out, what works best for your character.
    Good luck

    !!!_ROXY Open Smile 125%.jpg
    2559 x 1398 - 2M
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  • Ooooh, sorry her gums need better shaders. That's on my to do list.

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    Did someone say expressions?

    I've been working on a tool that implements FACS for all G8 and G3 characters. Here is a demonstration:

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    That is a great tool, I will consider purchasing. Quick and easy. It still does not seem to adress the main issue, that I have with pretty much all expressions. As I said Lips squish and stretch in motion. Thsi has to be taken in consideration, if you want realistic expressions.

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