I want to render movies and make cgi short fiml help me please

I use ryzen 3500 processor and nvdia rtx 2060 graphics card with 8 gb ram

i want to render short animated clips using daz3d free content .. and make a animated short film


i tried iray (takes a loads of time even when i lower the settings in interactive mode with low iterations )

i tried octane render.. renders very fast wow!.. but problem is it cant render movies .. it renders still images serially  in a folder .. and its a lot of pain to accumulate and make movie clips from that.. . ..

i dont like opengl render and the default sofware render engine also take lots of time


how can i render like cocomelon cartoons like  in short amount of time..

please help me.. i have lot of passion for 3d animation.. and i cannot upgrade my pc any further ..

can u suggest me what can i do

for example is there a way to export daz3d animations  to unreal or lumion or 3ds max or maya or anything that can render realtime faster...

i tried iclone import with character creator.. but it mess up with clothings.. many models breaks polygons when sit or move..


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    Have you looked at the Daz3D bridges to Unreal, Blender etc?

    There are also unofficial bridges/exporters like Diffeomorphic and Sagan for Blender.

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    I would look at Blender, it's animation tools are much better imo; I don't tend to use them so others may offer a different perspective, maybe try the Blender thread.

    I would second the Diffeomorphic plugin.

    I do all my rendering in Blender.

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    To the OP:

    You can assemble those frames from octane in any free video editor Like Davinci https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

    This will be your best option if you already own and octane license

    Dont bother with the unidirectional Daz export for Blender as it does not support export of body and facial animation

    The diffeo plugin is better than the Daz exporter, however it does not export facial animation AFAIK and is limited on body motion in my tests. ( I assume you are not making films about Mute/pantomimes) As of this moment Daz studio has a malfunctioning animation system that destroys your work after close a session and re-open it,

    There are cumbersome workarounds if you wish to endure their vicissitudes.

    The Iclone/ CC3 system is the superior choice despite your obvious lack of understanding how to convert your Daz Characters...it is the system I use

    However you are looking at least a $400 USD cost to buy Iclone basic and CC3 Pipeline for conversion of Daz characters.

    SO my advice ,as filmaker who has actually made a feature length 93 minute animated film with Daz characters,...... is to use you Daz Studio with animate2/puppeteer/mimic and read about the work arounds for the Data deletion bug and render in your existing fast octane engine for Daz studio
  • I animate in Twinmotion, renders in secounds...!!!


    I convert the daz models to obj then inport them into twinmotion.  But although I can animate camera and lighting in twinmotion, I can't animate the figures, so I render those in Daz (quicker to render just the figure) then bring both the background and animated figure into after effects.

    I know this may not be what you want, but rendering a 10 secound clip on poser or daz of an flying camera shot over a castle I bought in Daz killed me, I even bought another pc just to speed it up, 4 days rendering!!!  took the same shot 15 seconds to render in twinmotion (free) and to be honest the quality is bloody amazing.

    Hope this helps.

  • Using denoise filters can speed up your Iray renders.  You can also use the Iray preview mode to do your rendering and then save out each image using File->Save Last Draw.  This way, DAS Studio does not have to reload the scene each time it renders a new frame.  You can also render an image of your environment and then hide your environment geometry and then load the image of the envrionment you rendered as a background.  With less geometry in the scene, your render goes much faster.

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    The denoising can work well on backgrounds, but on characters I've never seen it look anything less than terrible unless you use pretty close to as many itterations as without denoising.

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    Hi I've been making a few movies for a while now so here are a few pointers

    I use Windows 64 bit and Daz Studio 64 bit, so I can use the available Memory in the PC currently 32 Gig

    1. When you create your scene keep as simple as you can

    2. If you try to make an AVI you will hit the PC 2 Gig and or the 4 Gig Memory limit, so I found it's best to save each rendered image in a sequence, also if

    things go bad you can render from x to y again. I would also only have Daz Studio running on it's own

    3. Having completed your series of say 6000 frames you can use the free Veedub to compile them into an AVI. Note this file could be huge, I have managed to create a 68 Gig AVI file before now

    In Vee dub set the frame rate the same as your Daz Studio one I use 30 fps

    Find the first image in the series and load it. Note the series must be the same name and in sequence otherwise it will stop.

    Next create the AVI file

    You should now have an AVI file that is video only, so if you have a video editing program you could add the AVI and the add effects - Music to it. You can also add music in Vee Dub

    It's now the use of MP4 come in as this will dramatically reduce the video size fon Gigs to Megs on a good day

    Using Iray gives you magic images but will take forever. I used it on 6000 frames it took 4 weeks to complete with a lot of setting minimised

    Open GL with basic textures worked fine

    Advanced open Gl takes a bit longer but better results for hair and shadows

    3d delight also fairly good results but can take ages to render

    Lux Render again slow

    Here is one I made earlier using open GL with 3delight textures


    Note click on the image to make it run if needed

    You might also like to select 1080p from the settings menu.



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  • By Vee dub, you mean VirtualDub?

  • KeironKeiron Posts: 317

    Yes indeed there is a 32 bit and 64 bit version I use the 64 bit one

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