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ok, this is something i never had proper noticed before but now i finally could catch because of the "daz to unreal bridge", and would love some help about it:

after some tests i've noticed which geograft elements actually in most of the cases have not only 1 mesh" but 2 meshes whe applied to the "main mesh for exemple the "centaur" geograft, it generate 2 meshes not only 1, it have the "horse only mesh" which counts only for the horse part, but it also have a "centaur full mesh" which counts as the "whole human+centaur body" and i'm not talking about the "geoshell" if you count the geoshell then it goes to 3 meshes her a picture this is just the "additive geograft without the "character mesh:

the reason you can't see the "human part" is because it is "invisible by default, then only way for you to be able to see is to go tools and enable geometry editor it will turn the "invisible human torso" visible" and you will be able to edit it, the human part is not a big deal since by default it's invisible and removed when you export the mesh using the bridge or if you exporting it without the bridge but mark the "delete hidden meshes check box" it will delet this part leaving only the "horse visible", the issue here is which when you exporting it you will be exporting 2 meshes where it was supposed to be one only(only one centaur mesh) and if you are using the bridge it lead to a issue were the unreal detect 2 meshes generating 2 materials with the "same name" which unreal don't like leading to the "second" mesh be exported "blank, here what i means:

the 2 empty materials is the "double mesh of the centaur body" then unreal detect the double name and atempt to rename the double" and then apply to the mesh but in some cases like the Bridge" it is unable to apply the renamed material to the double mesh leaving it empty in the final result.

this happen when you add a "human body" or the mesh it is supposed to be "added, if you export "only the "geograft" it will only have 1 mesh:

see you don't get the "double mesh material neither the mesh" it not happens only on unreal but also whenever you export it outside daz, for some reason when you attach it to the body it auto generate a "second" geograft invisible mesh.


my issue is if someone know a way to acess this "extra mesh" inside daz and delete it, i've tried to "delete it by selecting the additve/geograft" but if i try to hidden or delete it will delete all, not just the 'unwanted mesh, i can't proper select this "extra mesh" to delete.


A work around for this is you open the "exported mesh fbx in maya or blender and "delete it on that place" it will be visible on blender or maya", on those places you are able to delete this "extra mesh" but still a "extra" not supposed to step to be made, then anyone have any idea of how to remove this "extra mesh" while still inside daz?????

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    here trying to explain what I mean

    I do a rough transition on the torso texture using a very big horse layer underneath

    lined up as best as I can to approximately where it shows on the model

    then erase with a semiopaque fuzzy erase brush and blur it with the smudge brush

    it is not exact

    800 x 800 - 170K
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