G2, G3, G8, Determining the figure type

Hello, I am finalizing an animation exporter plugin, but it won't work very well with Genesis 8 because it requires a T-pose and G8 presents an A-pose. So, I'd like to check the figure type to at least warn the user about it.

I can check the bones names but my understanding is that Genesis 3 shares the same bones names with G8 and I have no issues exporting animations with G3. An alternative would be to check the skeleton name, but that would require maintaining a list of "viable" skeletons and would that be reliable? The most conservative solution would be to check the bones names (and then exclude or warn about G3) but I prefer ask first if there is a better solution smiley



  • Answering my own question: G3 has 2 joints named lHeel and rHeel that you can't find on G8. It's probably not the best way to address this issue, if I could determine if the figure is in A-pose it might be better, but it will do for now.

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    I don't do much scripting, but I think if you get the figure's asset data path, you can search for one of these substrings:
    "Genesis 2 Male"
    "Genesis 2 Female"
    "Genesis 3 Male"
    "Genesis 3 Female"
    "Genesis 8 Male"
    "Genesis 8 Female"

    And I think figures in their rest pose have all of their rotations set to zero if you need to check for that condition.

    But, now that I think about it, you shouldn't have to force the user to do this, as you can do it yourself.  I think you can either save the current frame, or set to a new frame outside the current range, and set the figure to zero pose, do what you have to do, and then restore the figure back to its original pose.



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