Combine objects in Hexagon while keeping uvmap???

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I currently have 2 objects in a single hexagon scene. I have a single uv map with both objects in it. The question is: How do I combine both objects into a single object while keeping the UV Map? If I weld them together, the uvmap goes away. Or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    This was covered in here :

    Varsel said:
    There is way to do it..
    If you give the two object the same name, and then export them out as .obj, the export will join them without destroing the UV-map.
    When you then import back into Hexagon, they will be one object.

    This is the only way, as far as I know it.

    Hopes this helps.

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    That worked perfectly! You are Awesome. Thanks for the quick response.

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