The Pi Man's Personal August Pro Bundle Image Challenge

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I am personally experimenting on a lot of things at once with this project, but the end result for the Daz Studio Gallery and Forum is:

)  each day I will render a character, with an outfit, with the hair, and a pose from a pro bundle  [ generations 2 - 8 eligible ]

)  I will add that character to a theme appropriate rendered scene [ typically off center and with a lot of background that can be covered with text as these will be powerpoint slides later ]

)  Most will be rendered in Iray ... but 3Delight, Reality4.2, and ToonyCam renders are possible.

)  I will add that image each day for the month of august for comments and discussion [ assuming we do not have an electrical outage preventing upload - it does happen here ].


  1. Aiko 8  Boutique
  2. Lee 7  Matsumoto
  3. Edie 8 MICK Kitchen
  4. Dain 8 and Military Ship
  5. Darcy 8 and Velodrome
  6. Dante 7, Greek God, and Olympia Cityscape
  7. Kalea 7 and Secluded Island
  8. Edward 8 and Palace
  9. Ninive 6 and Triple Moon Cottage
  10. Michael 8 and FM Gym 
  11. Hiro 3, Aiko 3, and Storm Queen Castle
  12. Rynne 8 and Sci-Fi Reactor Room
  13. Leo 7 and Earth
  14. Gabriela 8 and Spanish Rose Chalet


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