[Released] STF Brutal Weapons for Genesis 8 [Commercial]

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Coming really soon (this time really soon), a Genesis 8 version of the Brutal weapons (originally for Genesis 3)

Comes with some Genesis 8 Female poses (like the original did for G3F) and new Genesis 8 Male poses (unlike the original).

Also includes Fire/Ice glowing wearable versions of all weapons which can be nice for some dramatic renders.
The intensity of the glow that you see is controlled by the emissive value of the weapon's material, while the strength of the light it emits can be controlled separately through the emissive value in the Geoshell of the weapon, giving you some control over things.

Owners of the original Genesis 3 version should get a 50% discount on the new Genesis 8 version and the G8 version should also entitle you to 50% discount on the G3 version.


And some renders with the glowing variants:


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