[Released] Saurian HD for Genesis 8 Male [Commercial]

And they are here! Hisss! Haha

Sorry I didn't get a thread up sooner, off on a weekend getaway.


And here are some weird extra promos:



1000 x 1300 - 335K
1000 x 1300 - 424K


  • GordigGordig Posts: 3,345

    Bought immediately, but haven't played with it yet.

  • jedijuddjedijudd Posts: 399

    He looks great

  • pctech4nypctech4ny Posts: 123

    It's too bad the old Reptilian 6 poses I upconverted to G3 then G8 just give me an error message when trying to apply (maybe due to the different tails?). The darn frog Bulwarg is getting all the attention, this saurian could use savage lizard-like some poses sets.


  • Oso3DOso3D Posts: 14,250

    Tail would definitely be a problem, yeah.

    A lot of troll, gorilla, and demon poses from various products should work decently.


  • pctech4nypctech4ny Posts: 123

    I've used some Yeti poses so far, and honestly never even thought to try gorilla poses. Maybe some "fast zombie" poses would be worth a try too. What I'm trying to get are some crouching / jumping / running / charging to attack poses that don't look so obviously human.

    Of course I have scores of poses sets  and will eventually find a few I hope.

    Thanks for making him!

  • Oso3DOso3D Posts: 14,250

    Thanks for buying/enjoying him!


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