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    Good luck everyone! :-)


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    Good luck all.
    I had so much fun, as usual.
    Some really high quality and imaginative images this month.

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    I sat up last night and I went through all the entries over and over. I exploded them out to full size for details, I looked at the freebie links, I checked the lighting and shadows, I was just overwhelmed with picking winners. I went through about 20 postits arranging and rearranging my picks. It was almost impossible to pick 5 best because they were all winners.

    So, I had to narrow it all down and pick. Here are the winners:

    two HMs went to:

    "AIN'T SHE PURDY" - Tramp Graphics. I really liked the way you used the angle on this, it was different and the hose and bucket just gave it that summery look. I would have to say, the only set back would be the shine on the truck didn't reflect back any of the landscape or house. If it had, it would have gotten a better rateing.

    "BELLA ON THE ROCK" - Robkelk. This is such a cool pinup and I really wanted it to be a winner. The freebie list is awesome. Her skin just looks so realistic for a summer tan. I have to say, the thing that kept it from going to second place was the fact that her arm is going through her sailor hat. If you had just taken 2 seconds to move her arm away from the hat, she would have gotten second place. In any contest, you must make sure everything is perfect before you enter your render. It was a very obvious thing to see, so I could not let it win over ones where folks did make sure all was right.

    3rd place goes to:

    "DANDY RANDY - DOCKSIDE" - Ippotamus. Exellent pinup in every way. I liked the setting and the style. You put a lot of time into this. The set back was the lighting was just way overboard to the point of extreme. And for so much brightness of light, there was very little shadow. Just didn't fit. All else was superb.

    2nd place goes to:

    "A DOGS LIFE" - Dollygirl. I don't have to tell you that this is a perfect pinup. All is good and the pup just gives it such a great feel. Plus it inspired that crazy Louie to make a hallarious clone of it. His was very funny, but not without yours to show what he was trying to accomplish. This is a pinup of the supreme style I was after. Congratulations on this remarkable winner.

    and 1st place goes to.....(long drum roll)........

    "WATCHING THE WATCHER" - CathyM. This entry covers every aspect of what this theme is all about. Summer fun and pinups. The kids, the two lovely ladies, the hunk lifeguard...all of it. The scene setting is fun. If you go to the gallery and click this render to full size, you will see an incredible depth of field effect on it. I just think this entry is a perfect example of the theme. Colors, lighting, setting, characters, props, all of it. Congratulations CathyM for a superior render entry. It is our number one winner.

    OK...SO....there you have it. It was too tough to pick them and I had to get up a number of times and go sit on my patio, then come back to them fresh. Just such awesome entries this year.

    Once again thanks to all who entered and to eveyone who entered the Louie mini contest. Now, I got to get some prizes sent out.



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    Congratulations to everyone! I didn't envy music having to pick a winner, so many great renders, Congrats again to all the winners.

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    Congratulations to the winners. Wonderful entries from everyone.

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    Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions! Tough choice this month!


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    Congratulations to winners and honorable mentions! What a fun contest this was, pictures were all wonderful and the whole thread shines of summertime :) Thanks so much for having it, and am so thrilled to have won! I've been struggling with gardening and painting several rooms this year on my own, and have been frustrated and unhappy at how difficult some things are to do... was feeling pretty down - this helped restore a much needed bit of confidence in my abilities!
    Thank you -Cathy

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    Congratulations to the winners! Music, thank you for taking the time and the effort in determining your winners. I enjoyed reading your reasons for who got each place. Very insightful.

    I want to thank all who participated in the contest. From Dana who always says something about each render, to our PAs who have so generously given of their wonderful work, to our entrants, to our moderators who come in and get things messy. To our gracious host Music, who went the extra mile and rounded up all these wonderful prizes. To Jade for supporting this contest for over a year now with his hard earned money. All of you, I thank, without your participation there would be no contest.

    So I am going to get on my soapbox:

    To our winners, I want to say please, please make sure you thank your gifters. Music lined up some very amazing PAs for each of the winners. These PAs deserve a personnel note from you, informing them that you have received the prize and that you appreciate their generosity. Tell Jade that the code he gave you works and thanking Music for all of the work he did. Enough said!

    On to seeing your "Punk" renders!

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    Well, it's the first time I've ever placed in a challenge - thank you!

    (I had pokethrough? ... I had pokethrough. Ah, well.)

    Here's a little thank-you...

    1200 x 960 - 1M
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    Alright, DAZ has the winner's email addresses so be on the lookout for store notices about your credit. Give them a few days. I know that this is payday for lots of people so be patient. I hope all winners, both placed and HM have sent their PM to Jaderail telling him how wonderful he is. The placed winners need to remember to thank their prize artists and I know that Music has sent me mine so don't forget to thank him and tell him that you were successful in downloading the packages.

    I want to thank the winners for being so prompt. Happy dance!

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    Congratulations to the winners as well as everybody who played! Wonderful stuff this month and what we didn't have in quantity we had in quality to be sure. Thanks to Music for coming up with the idea to "clone" Louie which was a real hoot! Speaking of which...

    music2u4u said:
    As of today I have 75 Louie renders in a folder in my archives. :-)

    What?!? SEVENTY-FIVE? Gawd! I can't have done that many, could I? I guess I'd better go through my archives and get 'em all in one place to see just exactly what I've done! Man, that's spooky!

    And by the way, was the Old Room. Thanks!


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    Thanks DG for the notices. I used to host every month for about two years, then started having others do it, but I have always donated a model that I made just for this challenge. Since I only host two yearly themes now (Summer Fun And Pinups and Monster Mash Halloween Bash) I try to get PAs I know involved. Most are very eager to help and give. Some are kinda used to hearing from me each So, this is how I make up for any lost time. Lately, I have just been too busy with real life to carry on a daily attendance with it all, so I handed it on over To DG, who has the time to do it. She has the experience also.

    Anyway...Thanks to all you nuts who entered this month and to LG for being the "cheif" nut! Don't know what we would do without you and your funnies.


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