Genesis 8 Female Claws

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Another freebie, I made these claws for a project I am working on.. After not really finding anything really suitable for Genesis 8 Female, I decided to make some in Hexagon.. After much agravation and tearing what little hair I have left out.. ;) I got to where I am relatively happy with the results, you will notice under the nail being skin coloured unfortunately try as I might I could not get it to go away..

I have included two claw types here, one short set and one longer set, both look very good as you can see by the pictures and do look even better if the SubD is turned up to 2..

Anyway now for the fun part, once you download either or both of these zip files, extract and drop them into your \My DAZ 3D Library\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Female\Morphs.. You can make a folder in the Morphs folder if you want so you know where they are, load in a Genesis 8 Female character and these claws should show up in the Morphs\Hexagon Bridge tab in the Parameters Tab.. Hope you enjoy these claws and feel free to modify them to your hearts content.. :)



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  • Ooooh,

    Very nice set of claws Ghostly, these will be a welcomed addition to my she-wolf comics! Thank you so much for sharing these with us, much appreciated! ^_^

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    real nice, thank you! how could i have missed those... ^^

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    Thank you

  • Ghosty12Ghosty12 Posts: 1,763

    Thank you glad you like them, the other reason for making these was that the ones that are out there, tended to not to be very claw like.. smiley I have tried to do the same for Genesis 3 but no luck so far been a bit of a pain trying to get them to play nice so to speak.. smiley

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    Thank you
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