Where is the Add to cart button??

Wallace3DWallace3D Posts: 103

I am just not seeing it

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 47,534
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    What browser are you using? Are you looking on the list page, or on the actual product page?

  • Wallace3DWallace3D Posts: 103
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    Chrome. I notice a lot of things not working in it and I have to use Firefox. which I do not normally use. Even when I select add to cart on the catalog page it does not add it to the cart.

    so The List page had the add to cart button but it does not work
    the Product page does not have the add to car button at all

  • Wallace3DWallace3D Posts: 103
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    I missed the Sale :(

  • NeilV_1NeilV_1 Posts: 442
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    This is happening every now and then as soon as we notice it we do report it.

    for me the button has now appeared so hopefully for you as well or at least it will turn up shortly

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