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I have windows 7 and I can not get the morphs ++ installed. I have tried on my c drive on my d drive in poser 7 in poser 8 in Daz 4. I have been told many different things to try, but they still don't work. Any help would be great :) ty


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    The morphs++ must be installed to the same runtime as the Kids4 Base, so if your runtime is in ...Documents\Poser 8, that's the path to use (not including the Runtime folder, just the folder containing Runtime). On Windows 7 this must be OUTSIDE of Program Files/Program Files (x86), as Windows 7 protects those folders and the files aren't really where they appear to be. Also make sure that if you install Kids 4 in more than one Runtime, each Poser version only sees one of them.

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    OK, I do have the ++ morphs installed where kids 4 is, but they are installed on my program files on my c drive. Not sure what the issue would be with poser 8 I installed the program k4 and the ++ on my d drive so it, in theory should work. :( Will try again. tysm

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