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I wanted to know how to import third party content from say sketchup into daz3d. There is a tutorial out there but only one? and it was a little bit over my head. I know there are a lot of people out there that cant afford to buy set complete with furniture, etc and I just wanted to know why no one is doing any video's on how to import content.

I am a disabled man and living on disabilty it is very diffucult to afford even a fifteen dollar set when it's that or SO please don't think I am a cheap skate or something.

Thank you good folks for your assistance

Danny Bright


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    I don't use Sketchup, but hopefully what I'm about to say won't be totally useless to you.

    The website for Sketchup 2014 ( says:

    "With importers for DXF, DWG, 3DS, DAE, KMZ, TIF, JPG, PNG and a few more, you can bring in drawings, models and images to your heart’s content. SketchUp Pro also exports all of those formats, plus PDF, OBJ, FBX, XSI, VRML, MP4, WEBM and AVI."


    "All versions of SketchUp can export DAE and KMZ files."

    So right there, that should tell you that Sketchup Standard (if you're not using Sketchup Pro) supports Collada (*.DAE) export and import, and I'd be willing to be bet it also supports *.OBJ, both of which are supported by DAZ Studio (in addition to Biovision (*.BVH), Autodesk (*.FBX), and Poser (*.pz2, *pz3, *.cr2, etc.)). I haven't used Collada myself, but I import OBJ files all the time into DS, and you should be able to find tons of information about importing both file types into DS fairly easily in these forums.

    If you're trying to import one of the other file formats (like AutoCAD (*.DXF, *.DWG), 3ds Max (*.3DS), Keyhole (*.KMZ), or Softimage (*.XSI)), I'd say that's gonna require the file to be converted into Collada or OBJ, since DS won't be able to read them. (And if a file has to be converted into OBJ, then it's gonna lose any UV mapping or rigging that it might have had in its previous format.) Someone else might know how to bring these formats into DS without converting them, but I don't.

    BTW, there's nothing cheap about importing models into DS or any other program. Lots of people create content that's distributed as OBJ files (usually as they're learning modeling, to share what they've created and to show off their developing skills), lots of people start out building their content libraries or round out existing libraries by collecting this stuff, and you'll find loads of it shared this way in the freebies section of DAZ 3D, Renderosity, and Runtime DNA or on sites like ShareCG. Just be aware that quality varies widely, support is usually not an option, and considering the price (typically free) you get what you pay for.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you very very much for your time in trying to help me, I very much appreciate it. I have tried to import a house model into daz from sketchup and the file transferred it seeemed but I couldnt see it for some reason, soo the experimentation goes on but it's fun!

    I love daz and have already turned my neighbores onto it! They love it too!

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    Tip for SU to DAZ Studio, only use obj exports and Imports*. Always build your items as groups, So a window Frame is a built as one item and then grouped to the wall with the proper Hole already cut, which is then grouped to the full building. Always use Just colors on your groups in SU, very few of the textures in SU transfer to DAZ Studio well, your better off getting the obj into DS and then using Shaders. Nothing from SU will have a proper UV map so none tiling texture maps will need the Finished obj file to be UV mapped with another App, like UVmapper, to make real DS Textures for it. That may need a Export from DAZ Studio with the Weld option set to on in the obj depending on the item.

    * You will need to play with importing Or designing in SU at Centimeters to get the item to the proper size on import into DAZ Studio. At one time I had a SU import setting but that was for SU 6 and on a much older PC than I now use.

    I hope this will help.

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    Thank you for your kind help my friend

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