Opening Help File (Carrara 6 Pro)

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I have the latest Adobe acrobat pdf reader installed, but when I try to open the Carrara help file it keeps telling me I need to install Adobe acrobat reader

How would I fix this?


I've been a member of this forum for years, but apparently this is my "first post" since the original forum has been trashed %-P

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    Try the free foxit pdf reader.

    No need for adobe stuff.


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    Adobe reader works for everything else, all websites.
    Carrara is special, requires special custom software?

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    It's just a test to see if the file is corrupt.

    And I can never resist a chance to poke fun at adobe! Personal reasons.

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    I can open the file if I go to the Carrara folder in my program files and select the file there, opens ok with (adobe) reader.

    I can't open it from inside Carrara by clicking on the help tab - trying to get a fix on that.

    (I use Photoshop and illustrator often... just raggin' on ya) ;-)

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    HI Nate

    This sounds like a file association issue in Windows,

    Carrara opens the Help in Adobe Acrobat pro for me, issues, and you shouldn't have any issues in opening this help file if you have either the full version of Acrobat, or the free Acrobat reader installed.

    Does Acrobat open the help manual if you double click on the PDF,.? ... or do you need to go to "Open with"

    Also, is the icon displayed for the manual the correct one for a PDF. ?

    Downloading and installing the free acrobat reader may be the quickest, and simplest way to correct the file association.
    running a registry editor should also work.

    Hope it helps :)

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