Why I finally gave up on Carrara



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    PhilW said:
    Carrara should be positioned as the Daz flagship product, but sometimes it feels like the poor cousin to DS.

    I completely agree -- and I used to think it was the flagship product. Daz had told me that last November when I was considering making a purchase. Here is the quote from my support ticket:

    "DAZ Studio 4 is the software that we put the most marketing emphasis behind, but Carrara 8 is definitely our most feature rich software. If you are planning on doing modeling of any sort Carrara 8 will be the software that you want. DAZ Studio does not have modeling capabilities. Bryce can model landscapes but that is it, and the render engine isn't as good as Carrara 8. Hexagon 2.5 is justa vertex modeler and it can't render or create textures."

    I'm not disappointed in Carrara. Just in Daz's treatment of Carrara.

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    I’m not disappointed in Carrara. Just in Daz’s treatment of Carrara.

    E.g. letting Reality 4 Carrara wither on the vine. Un #$%@! believable.

    I can't see ever abandoning Carrara......I've done more with it than any of my other apps
    Vis the pie chart generated by Folder Size....great utility, btw.....Carrara is the biggest piece by far.

    But doubt I will upgrade unless there is better modeling, animation, and rendering capability.....not
    remotely interested in DS content or integration.

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    ok, I posted in this thread but it does not appear searching "posts by this member" using my username
    how many other juicy dicussions have I missed out on :snake:
    (oooh Andy is back!)

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    I liked the rendering engine as it gave fantastic results but it has no anaglyph or stereographic support in Carrara or a plugin so I had to give it up.

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