Iray Camera Lens Projection

Does anyone know how to go about creating an NVidia IRay camera lens projection?  I was able to create what I wanted for renderman as a plugin dll.  While this works with the stand-alone prman.exe on the 3Delight RIB output (albeit without textures), I couldn't figure out how to integrate it with 3Delight directly since the version used in DAZ is quite old.  In any case I'd rather it work with iRay instead.  It seems it should be possible with iray to do something similar (set the origin and direction for each cast ray).  However, I'm not sure what SDK I might need or how it would connect to DAZ.  Any tips would be great.


  • westechiewestechie Posts: 17

    This product might help if you prefer to adjust all of your 3Delight shaders to IRay instead.  I tried the reverse product of going from all IRay to 3Delight, and it seems very thorough.  Stuff like glossiness might need tweaking.

  • So this addresses material shaders.  I'm specifically looking at a shader for the camera projection.  In particular I'd like to be able to write new code for the Iray renderer.

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