'Wachiwi Hair Xtra', dificulty. Braids Gone

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New is an understatement, less then a week at this.

I Just installed the Wachiwi hair stuff, and the "Xtra!" pack can remove most of what I want except the braids. When I click the "Hide Braids" icon, they turn inverted 'B&W' sort of? What am I doing wrong, or is that a serous glitch with the $10.99 product?

Aside from clicking the 'Fit First' thing, is there some specific order that is supposed to be done to make the braids go away?

Thanks "fixmypcmike" and "mark128" for the help.

I have just figured out how to make a Material Preset save, that will only effect the braids layers... Approximately outlined in this post. you dont need to make maps, just save the slider values as outlined in this thread by "fixmypcmike" and "mark128". then go there to make the preset.
and again, Thanks "fixmypcmike" and "mark128" for the help.

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    I see the same problem. I think there is something wrong with the "Hide Braids" preset.

    I know I used Wachiwi hair once without the braids, and I found the problem then, but didn't open a ticket on it.

    The work around is to use opacity to hide the braids.

    Select the Wachiwi hair and go to the Surface tab. Select the four named sections: Braid1, Braid2, Braid3 and Tails as shown in the first image below. Find the Opacity Strength setting. Change it from 100% to 0%, then the braids will disappear as shown in the second image.

    Update: If it is not completely clear, you Ctrl-Click on surfaces to add them to the selection.

    I'm sure other have found this problem too. There might be an open ticket on it, but it is so easy to work around I suspect most people were like me and didn't bother to open a ticket. Changing the opacity to zero on those four surface zones is what that the preset should have done.

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    I looked at least three times at first in the "Tails" thing for that setting and didn't see it, lol.

    That and when I did that to the Sally May hair to delete the bangs for a "Casting Reflections" Sampling Rate test, they still 'Cast Shadows'. I either slid the wrong set of sliders, or forgot one somewhere.

    Needless to say, I could not post that image of the Wachiwi "shirt-tassels", as the 'Tails' just happened to be in the wrong spot by default. I have doubts that the trick will not 'Cast Shadows' when rendered. I see the setting now, and will give it a shot to see how it goes.

    This close-up took 16min 8sec to render at 0.50 Sample Rate, excruciatingly slow. The Bangs are not over her eyes, however their shadows are.

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    F.Y.I For other beginners.
    The Wachiwi outfits are only available in the big package. Don't do what I just did, and pay for the hair and figure twice. Just go tor the "Wachiwi - Native American Character, Outfit, Hair and Poses Bundle" to begin with.

    "O" and hair (like the "Christine Hair") sold for Victoria4 dose not install if you don't have the Victoria4 figure. Pay attention to them 4 vs 6 numbers, lol. Another goof of mine today.

    This is not a cheep hobby to get into, I'm already in over $227 on the first day of buying stuff and finding I need, yet more stuff. I need to pull the e-break, lol. At least it is fun.

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    Actually, hair for V4 will install without V4, and can be autofit to Genesis even if you don't have V4.

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    I didn't see the Hair anywhere in any of the menus, as if it was not even installed. I tried with No figure open, G2, and V6 open. I was not thinking of G1 as there was already a long-hair for the 'actor', Hmmm. I had installed that first shirt Wachiwi was waring in my first post at the same time, with that DAZ download&install; do-dad thingy. I even restarted my computer before starting up 3D Studio to try them out. I'll have to go back and install that again and look at G1, assuming this will not cost, yet more funds. lol.

    The ’Wachiwi Hair Xtra' Opacity Strength setting, did get rid of the tails. Don't touch the other sliders as they work in reverse to common expectation!

    Wachiwi, Casting Reflections, sort of. These took about 7min 35sec to render each.

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    Not all of the older products have metadata yet, so they don't appear in Smart Content. Most of Neftis' older hairs, like Christine Hair, show up in "Content Library > Poser Formats > [your content library name] > Figures > Neftis" or "Content Library > Poser Formats > [your content library name] > Hair > Neftis", and the materials are in "Content Library > Poser Formats > [your content library name] > Pose > Neftis".

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    This thread about making Hair style parts Transparent, is solved. I don't see a "Solved" button here in the compose window, Hmmm.

    In-fact I don't see a cancel post on this window, lol.

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