Naming of domains tip

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Takes awhile to figure out [or guess] why Hexie does some of the things it does but it would seem to be that:

When naming Shading Domains, do not give them the same name as each other UNLESS you can also assign to them each the exact same "material". If one has a long list of materials, the choice list does NOT scroll and one can't.

The act of just naming it the same and agreeing to the reassignment of colours doesn't save through.
If exporting said .obj, when importing it and/or when closing and reopening Hexagon one will find the 'same name' Shading Domains did not merge neatly into one ... indeed you wouldn't believe the mess it made of mixing up PARTS of other shading domains with those that had been named the same. Some of the Shading Domains were given material names ... oh what a mess!

Incre Saves cannot be over stressed ... VERY important!

Just to access the materials list, for this particular project I'll have to be exporting out individual groups, importing them into a fresh load of Hexagon, making the name changes, exporting out the new .obj groups. Back in main project file, deleting the old and importing in the new.


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